Laminate Types NOT to be confused with encapsulation, which we will cover at some stage soon for you: No nonsense guide by our very own Print Guru: Phil

Matt: This is the standard one! Giving a subtle finish, matt lamination gives your print a smooth feel, reducing any glare.

Gloss: This is the sexy one! As the name suggests, gloss lamination adds a shiny coating to your work. Colours often look brighter when gloss laminated. A good all rounder.

Soft-Touch: This is the super sexy one! Also known as velvet lamination. Soft touch is the one that people can’t help but fiddle and play with all day long nwhen you hand them over a soft touch laminated piece of print, smooth and sexy feeling. Oh yeah baby

There are lots more laminate options available, such as Spot UV & Foiling, but the above are the most often used & asked about. If you have any queries on laminate types for your project, why not give us a call on 01484 513737, & we’d love to advise.

Hope this helps simplify for you

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