Outdoor print: No nonsense guide by our very own Print Guru: Phil

Vinyl Banners – with or without eyelets, regularly used by clubs, pubs & restaurants for advertising

PVC Poster prints: a great way to print a poster being displayed outdoors, without having to pay for lamination both sides! Waterproof, washable & hard wearing – yayyyy

PVC ‘A’ Board prints: a waterproof, hard wearing, washable way of printing your pavement signage /’A’ Board signs, so they last and can be used for a long time

Top tip: why not get a 6ft, lifesize banner printed for your mate’s BIG birthday – he definitely will thank you for it , make sure you place it somewhere there is high traffic so everyone sees it & sends them messages

There are tons more outdoor prints available, but the above are the most often used & asked about. If you have any queries on outdoor print for your project, why not give us a call on 01484 513737, & we’d love to advise.

Hope this helps simplify for you

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