Paper Types: No nonsense guide by our very own Print Guru: Phil [ no that’s not Phil in the pic 🤣 he’s much more handsome than the chin scratcher picture here 🤣🤣 ]

Uncoated: Without any kind of shine, uncoated stocks are the easiest to write on & are popular for business stationery items

Gloss: For a nice shine. Gloss stock gives your colours & photos an added vibrancy without the expense of adding gloss laminate

Silk also known as Matt [ I know – confusing ]: This paper stock gives a slight sheen, giving vibrant colours but without the glossy look

Textured: This could be a wove stock or a laid stock, both adding a little texture to your print. Not a good option if you have a lot of colour coverage on your design, as the print can sometimes look a little ‘patchy’ if there is a heavy coverage of colour.

There are tons more paper stocks available, but the above are the most often used & asked about. If you have any queries on paper types for your project, why not give us a call on 01484 513737, & we’d love to advise.
Hope this helps simplify for you 🥳

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